Ranch Tanit Djerba

General informations

Djerba, where the magic meets authenticity

“Ranch Tanit Djerba”, is located in Tezdayin, near the Lagoon that offers you wonderful landscapes: clear blue skies, a seaside oasis and magnificent sandy beaches. Here you can enjoy your stay in a comfortable guest accommodation and live great moments appreciating riding holidays.
Djerba: known as Island of dreams, is situated in the south east of Tunisia; it features warm sunshine and exceptional climate throughout the year: all that make Djerba an appreciated holidays’ destination.
In addition to that, Djerba: called also the island of forgetfulness, offers much more: a rich cultural heritage, and a typical art accumulated and preserved since the antiquity that are easily guessed through objects and the djerbians’ life style. As a society, djerbians are attached to their identity and principals, but they are open-minded and remarkably liberal.
With more than a hundred resorts, a golf course, a casino and a marina, museums…, Djerba is the most important touristic attraction in Tunisia, and the favorite destination of Tunisian travelers. Tourists love coming to Djerba to explore it enjoys their vacation in it every year.
. Tunisia: a fascinating country where authenticity meets modernity.
Situated at the confluence of the East and West, Tunisia has always been a meeting point of different cultures. The reality of Tunisia has always been sensitive to different historical influences and interactive with her international community
Djerba, whose charms vaunted, could not be described only in few words
“Marahba”: You are welcome! Come and discover by yourself Djerba, the island of dreams and live a magic moments of happiness.